Lyndsay’s approach to health and well-being is very personal and she recognizes that each person who enters her clinic is coming from a different place.

The goal is to meet each patient where they are. Life circumstances, history, finances, a willingness to engage in self-care, are only some of the factors that affect our health in profound ways. Each case is unique. She works with individuals to discover their path to health using various aspects of holistic medicine including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments, cupping and tui na. 

Although her practice has a strong focus on reproductive health, she welcomes treating trans-men and women, cis-men, and children.

Every person’s approach towards creating family is different, but none are without challenges! Whether you are preparing to become pregnant the good old-fashioned way or think a combination of science and magic is inevitably your route, Traditional Chinese Medicine is here for you. TCM can prepare your body and uterus to either help optimize natural fertility or work in conjunction with your Reproductive Endocrinologist to help make the ART process easier.