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Mentorship Program

Discover a community of experienced acupuncturists and health care practitioners dedicated to YOUR success and longevity in the field.

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You’ve graduated Chinese medicine school; you’ve passed your national board exams; you’ve gotten your state license; you’ve checked all the boxes…now what?

Private practice is like birthing a child; however, no one ever told you that graduation is the beginning of your 4th trimester.

As Chinese medicine practitioners, are the stewards of a long tradition of medical knowledge that was once passed down through the sacred relationship between teacher and student. Apprentices would be with their teachers for years learning not just the medical side of healing, but the business side as well. Teachers considered an investment in their students an investment in the future of humanity.

But today, that tradition has been lost.

It’s not uncommon to feel as if you’ve just been orphaned upon graduation. It’s a common feeling may new practitioners experience. Academia is not your college clinic, and your college clinic is not the real world.

When we started Bleecker Street Wellness, our vision for the collective was an environment where practitioners at all levels of their careers could learn from each other. What we experienced during our first year was more seasoned practitioners aching to share their knowledge, but newer practitioners struggling with the day-to-day administrivia of their practices and just getting it off the ground.

You don't know what you don't know.

The world needs our skill set more than ever right now. Humanity cannot afford to have gifted practitioners leave the field because the business side of things didn’t take off. Or sometimes even worse, have practitioners struggling so hard they lose sight of their joy or why the entered the field at all.

So, in response we decided to create a 6 month formal mentorship program as a landing pad for gifted new practitioners to be the recipients of an entire community that wants nothing more than to invest in their success.

And that means you.

The spirit of apprenticeship

A unique holistic 6 month program designed with YOU
- the new practitioner in mind! 


The Core Program

The 6 month program consists of 3 main components designed to act as a landing pad for you to work through how to set up a practice. You are given space to treat patients, 1:1 coaching with the mentor of your choice, and monthly classes designed around the 5 pillars of private practice.


20 hours Per Month of Treatment Room Time

During the program, you will enjoy all the space use benefits of our full-time practitioners. This includes daily linen use, storage, needles, sharps containers, WiFi, 24/7 loft access. You can book rooms at times that are convenient to you and your growing patient base.

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Monthly 1:1 Coaching with Senior Practitioners

Every month, you’ll get 1 hour of coaching with the in-house practitioner of your choice. If during the program we find a more appropriate mentor that would be better suited to you practice / skill set / needs than our in-house group, we will source and match support for you through our extensive network of colleagues.

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Monthly Case-Study Group & Business Class

2 hour case-study group led each month by a different senior acupuncturists.

2 hour small group class focused each month on a different pillar of private practice to support and guide you in your growth.

 Currently accepting applications for
March 2019 - August 2019

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As a collective, we will be taking on 4 exceptional new practitioners at a time to help guide them through the formation and onset of their private practice. In order to qualify, applicants must:

  1. Have a current NYS acupuncture license

  2. Be within the first year of their private practice

  3. Be coachable and willing to try things on outside their comfort zone

  4. Be committed to the full 6 months; we as a community are committing to you and you are expected to make that same commitment to yourself.